Community Events at Americana

The Pointe at Americana.PNG

One of the many benefits of living in a Traditional Neighborhood Development is the array of community amenities available to residents. One of the best amenities offered to residents of the Americana community is The Pointe at Americana, a classically Southern event venue, perfect for everything from weddings, to parties, to casual community gatherings.

The Pointe at Americana is so much more than a downtown Baton Rouge ballroom. The Pointe is Americana’s town hall, where families gather to celebrate new phases in their lives, community events, and each other. Make your wedding reception have additional meaning, when you book right in your backyard. The Pointe at Americana captures an effortless Southern charm, perfect for couples who enjoy laid back luxury and want to share their special day with all their loved ones.

The Pointe at Americana is a versatile space that can be used for a whole range of events. Host your local civic fundraiser, corporate event, or blowout birthday party, The Pointe is the right venue for you. The Pointe never feels stuffy because it is the hub of community activity in Americana, and has been the location for many beloved events. Over the years the Pointe has hosted such events as the Gleaux Run, the Code Red Chili Cookoff and more! When you host an event at The Pointe at Americana, this sense of community spirit makes it that much more special.

If you are planning an event, and think that The Pointe at Americana would be a great place to host it, call 225-663-1788 for booking and more information about hosting an event people will never forget.